32 Celebrities who have gone vegan

Every year, more people are choosing to live the cruelty-free life and go vegan, especially the young — and especially those in Hollywood. In fact, PETA even predicted that 2017 will be “The Year of the Vegan,” and cited over a dozen food trends that show veganism is hitting the mainstream in a big way. From smoked carrot lox to “root-to-stem” dining, there is a place for vegan entrees on every table. A plant-based diet can help promote good health, so it’s no surprise that the health-conscious younger generations are leading the pack when it comes to going vegan.

In 2015, a Nielsen Global Health and Wellness Survey revealed that younger Americans were more health conscious than their elders, and that Generation Z (people under age 20 at that time) were more attuned to concerns about GMOs and ingredients than any other generation. Nearly 40 percent of Gen Z were willing to spend more on groceries to go organic, as were 32 percent of millennials. Comparatively, just 21 percent of baby boomers were willing to spend more money on healthy foods.

Last year, The Guardian reported that the U.K. had seen a 350 percent increase in their vegan population since 2006 — a remarkable feat for such a short time period. Some of the reasons teens cited as being their cause for making the switch included concerns about the environment, animal welfare and sustainability. In their interviews, some of the teens also noted that they felt social media helped expand the concept of veganism, and one of the adolescents noted that Instagram made the diet and lifestyle look particularly appealing.

Going vegan is a choice many people make for health-related or ethical reasons, and celebrities are no different: countless celebrities have gone vegan. Woody Harrelson is even a vegan — and has been for over a decade. In fact, Harrelson was even named PETA’s Sexiest Vegan of 2012. While Harrelson is renowned for his tough-guy roles in movies like Zombieland, he’s also an outspoken activist for environmental concerns and animal rights. He’s even been credited with “turning” other Hollywood stars into vegans — like Liam Hemsworth, according to Bustle.

Some popular stars that you may or may not know as vegans include actors and musicians such as Ellen DeGeneres, Ariana Grande, Ellen Page, Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth, Joan Jett, Stevie Wonder, Pamela Anderson and Travis Barker. That is, by no means, a complete list.

Some lesser-known celebrities included on Bustle‘s list of vegans include musicians such as Sia, RZA, Mya, Wacka Flocka Flame, Morrissey, Dawn Richard and Moby.

For actors and actresses, Bustle reveals that there are many other vegans in the crowd, such as Evanna Lynch, Rooney Mara, Kate Mara, James Cameron, Peter Dinklage, Jessica Chastain, Alicia Silverstone, James Cromwell, Joaquin Phoenix, Mayim Bialik, Bellamy Young, Casey Affleck and Daniella Monet.

Al Gore and Russell Simmons also made it to the list of celebrities who are vegan. While they may not be musicians or actors, they are certainly well-recognized public figures.

Veganism is a lifestyle that many people have embraced — and if current trends continue, it seems that many more people will be participating in this way of life.

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