Vegan diets can kill your children, claims Big Food propaganda campaign

The dairy industry does everything in its power to convince the public that our nutritional needs aren’t met unless we consume our daily share of milk products. The only opposition standing in the way of the dairy industry is the vegan’s way of life, which avoids all mucus-forming dairy and meat. As veganism gains popularity, Big Food propaganda campaigns will inevitable fight back, only to further hypnotize the public into thinking that dairy and meat products are a nutritional necessity.

Using academia and media outlets to their advantage, these Big Food propaganda campaigns will do everything it takes to demonize plant-based diets, even if that means making veganism out to be a dangerous lifestyle that puts children’s lives at risk.

A desperate new propaganda campaign out of the United Kingdom warns about the rising influence of “dangerous” vegan diets that do “irreversible damage” to children. Now don’t be confused: vegans opt for strict plant-based diets that are rich in bio-available phyto-nutrients. Plants are the foundation of nutrition and many contain both calcium and protein. These two nutrients aren’t exclusive only to the sacred cow, and there are multiple nutrients that the sacred cow just can’t provide. (Related: Read more on the top sources for vegan protein.)

Rise of veganism worries dairy industry loyalists

In the United Kingdom, veganism has exploded in popularity. In the past decade, the U.K. saw a 360 percent increase in veganism. There are now an estimated 542,000 vegans living there, making up roughly 1 percent of the population. Veganism is catching on because people feel better when they eat vegetables, fruits, herbs, seeds, and berries. Their digestive system is not being strained by dairy and meat proteins. Vegans’ better digestion is allowing their cells to absorb more nutrients, not less. Greater cellular energy is often the result of a vegan lifestyle.

However, Professor Mary Fetrell of the University College in London issued a warning call at a recent meeting with the European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition. She said, “It is difficult to ensure a healthy and balanced vegan diet in young infants. The risks of getting it wrong can include irreversible cognitive damage and, in the extreme, death.”

The propaganda campaign said that children who follow vegan diets are “leaner and smaller” than children who eat dairy and meat products. Apparently the Big Food industry thinks that it’s normal and healthy for children to be “fatter and bigger” with girls (and boys) beginning puberty (developing boobs) at a young age.

These experts warn that children who follow a vegan diet are missing out on “high quality protein,” zinc, vitamin B12, and calcium. How well are these nutrients absorbed when they are obtained from milk and meat, compared to vegan sources? These experts estimate that approximately 110,000 U.K. vegan children could suffer from malnutrition that could lead to “irreversible damage” of the nervous system. Nor should we consider all the nervous system-destroying heavy metals that are being injected into kids through vaccination (many of which contain diseased cow and pig’s blood). The vegan diet is to blame! There’s no mention of the superior nutrition profile of spirulina and chlorella and other superfoods. These experts even warn that almond milk has a “lower nutritional value” than dairy milk and could cause children to develop a bone disease called rickets.

And to top it all off, Professor Fetrell says, “Our advice is that if parents pursue a vegan diet for their child, they must seek and strictly follow medical and dietary advice.”

Of course, if a parent wants to feed their children a plant-based diet, they have to get approval by the official cow-worshipping, dairy industry experts. It’s sick enough hearing the dairy industry speak through nutritionists like they are a bunch of puppets, but when these puppets tell parents to submit to the official medical advice, it gets personal. It gets personal, especially when you grow up on a steady diet of pasteurized milk only to experience chronic inflammation in your body in the form of sinusitis and sciatica pain. This is the kind of inflammation that you accept as a normal way of life until you stop drinking milk and injecting toxins in your twenties and the pain begins to go away. Applicable veganism introduces the kind of lifestyle changes that promote cellular and organ system health, encouraging nutrient absorption through food groups that often go ignored, including herbs, berries, roots, seeds, sprouts, seaweeds, clays, and tree barks. When you move toward a more plant-based diet, the sinusitis, the sciatica pain, the congestion, the mucus, and restricted breathing begin to fade away.

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